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The unique geography and history has a  fascinating charm with visitors to Fuvahmulah. When you are on the island  you can not miss the opportunity to visit these places. The easiest way to explore the island is by a scooter or a bicycle. From visiting the farms, to drinking coconuts at the roadside or visiting the hertiage sites or fish market, its island life at its best.

Here are our top places to discover on the island.

Sights & Landmarks


These ruins mark one of thirteen structures in Fuvahmulah Havitta (Fua Mulaku Havitta ) that had been components of a Buddhist ritual complex before the conversion of the island’s population to Islam in the twelfth century.

  • Plan a 'ride and discover' with the concierge to explore this.
Sights & Landmarks

Kede'ere Miskih

The Kedeyre Miskiyy (mosque) on the island of Fuvahmulah in Gnaviyani Atoll stands at the centre of a seaside complex that includes a bathing tank (veyo) and a cemetery containing a number of early carved coral gravestones including those associated with local historical figures Dhon Sihthibuu and Elhaa Thakuru. According to local tradition, the mosque was first built in 1397CE, but the present structure may actually have been built considerably later.

  • Plan a 'ride and discover' with the concierge to explore this.
Sights & Landmarks

Vasho Veyo

Vasho-Veyo, an ancient circular bath with stone steps situated at the roadside of the now airport. This stone pool reveals great craftsmanship in the cutting of Porites coral stone (hirigal) by the locals. The actual dates of the building is unknown.

  • Plan a 'ride and discover' with the concierge to explore this.
Sights & Landmarks

Gei Miskih

Among the monuments of the Islamic period in Fuvahmmulah the most important is the Gen Miskih. It is a neat compound including a coral stone mosque, an ancient graveyard and a well. It is located on the northern end of the island. The Gen Miskit is said to be the oldest mosque in Fuvahmulah. (Source : Wikipedia)

  • Plan a 'ride and discover' with the concierge to explore this.
Things to do

Black Stone Beach

Now a part of the enclave comprising the air strip, on south-east shore of the island occurs the black stone beach. Kalho-Akiri (meaning “Black Pebbles”) This area only has black pebbles, which again is quite unusual to the normal white coral sand beaches of the Maldives. (Source : Wikipedia)

  • Plan a picnic at Blackstone beach during your stay. Ask the concierge for booking.
Things to do

Pebbles Beach

At the northernmost point of Fuvahmulah,  locally known as “Thūndu” there is a broad sandy beach.  Its sands are formed by white small round pebbles, which are unusually smooth and shiny. In Maldives,  this kind of pebbles are found only  in Fuvahmulah. (Source : Wikipedia). It’s a popular picnic area where locals sped the spend the day at.

  • Plan a picnic at pebbles beach during your stay. Ask the concierge for booking.
Sights & Landmarks

Broad Walk

Every visitor to Fuvahmmulah snaps at the broad walk. It’s a long narrow wooden jetty on stilts with a viewpoint overlooking the Bandaara kilhi and its surrounding wetlands. It’s one of the most photographed places in Fuvahmmulah.

  • Plan a 'ride and discover' with the concierge to explore this.
Things to do

Nature Park

Fuvahmulah Nature Park consists of the protected wetland areas of Dhadimagi Kilhi, and is the very first wetland park in the Maldives. Visitors can enjoy swimming, canoe riding and pedal boating. It’s a great eco friendly adventure for a full or half day.

  • Plan a half day at Nature Park. Ask the concierge for tickets.
Things to do

Bandaara Kilhi

Bandaara Kilhi is one of the two fresh water lakes in Fuvahmulah. Accessible from the main road, comprising an area of approximately 0.058 square kilometers and an average depth of 12 feet, makes it the largest lake by volume in the Maldives accommodating the largest freshwater reserve in the country.

  • Plan a half day at eco trail. Ask the concierge for booking.
Things to do

Mud Bath

Within the wetlands of bandaara kilhi is a popular mud bath area,  a warm marshy pit, locally known as koda kilhi, where mud baths are enjoyed by locals. The calcified mud is said to have special minerals that reveals glossy, cleansed and, more radiant skin. To reach, you will need few minutes of tracking from the access routes, through the ferns and reed plantations.

  • Plan a mud bath. Ask the concierge for booking.
Things to do

Cupping and Spa

One of the grandest attractions for divers coming to Fuvahmulah, also a Protected Marine Area. This is the submerged reef that stretch outward from the southern tip of the island. Top of the reef ranges from 10 to 15 meters and slopes off into the big blue. The area is home to the most diverse range of pelagic species an observer can have on a single dive.

  • Ask the concierge for booking.

Spot a rare ‘vali kulkulhu’ bird, eat ‘Kattelhi’, a deep water fish only caught in Fuvahmmulah, or take a sunrise breakfast and play volleyball. There are many activities you can enjoy with us in Fuvahmmulah. 


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