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Tiger Zoo

  • Depth:20 meters
  • SightingSharks, Coral, Fish
  • CurrentMedium to High

One of the grandest attractions for divers coming to Fuvahmulah, also a Bio Sphear Reserve, is the submerged reef that stretches outward from the southern tip of the island. This area is home to the most diverse range of pelagic species an observer can have on a single dive.

You will see manta rays, whale sharks, eagle rays, turtles, dolphins, jacks, and tuna. The reef starts at about 10 feet deep and goes down to about 150 feet deep. There are still parts of this reef that have not been explored yet.

Diving here is usually done in two ways: either by boat or by shore entry. Boat diving is common because it is easier, safer, and more convenient. However, shore entry can be done by those who are adventurous enough to do so (but please take care).

Enless beauty - underwater

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Fari Kede

Unwind by the pool or in the comfort of your room, which comes with a flat-screen TV, coffee machine and the best beds you've ever slept on!

Maaneyre Dive

Maaneyre is decorated with many species of soft and hard corals that start from the top reef at 15 meters and slope down into the deep ocean.


Used as a landing beach before the construction of the harbor, Rasgefanno is one of the most commonly used Harbours in Fuvahmulah.


Used as a landing beach before the construction of the harbor, Neregando is one of the traditional harbors in Fuvahmulah.

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