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About Us

Marina Boutique Hotel is the first boutique hotel in Fuvahmulah, opened in 2010. It is the result of a vision a hotelier had for his home. With a total refurbishment in 2020, this small boutique hotel had a new facelift, withe addition of several services fot the guests.

Marina Boutique encompasses comfortable living spaces in a natural island of Fuvahmulah. The design takes into consideration the surroundings of the beautiful environment of the island and the Maldivian lifestyle.

4 Star

Hotel Class

3200 M2 / 3200 FT2

Property Size

2014 / 2020

Year Built / Last upgraded


Located in the South of Maldives, just beneath the equator, Fuvahmulah city is about 4.5 km (2.8 mi) by 1.2 km (0.75 mi) with a submerged reef (Rashikedefaro) extending for about 3 km (1.9 mi) in a southeasterly direction. The island is the third largest in the Maldives. Fuvahmulah is a popular extreme diving spot, offers unparalleled beauty as an island, thick vegetation and greenery. It’s surroundings offer one of the most spectacular diving and marine life in Maldives. Fuvahmulah is now a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Fuvahmulah City / GN. Atoll

Name of the island / Atoll

497Km / 497 Mi

Distance from Male' Airport

1 Hr 10 Min

Flying time from Male' Airport

Rooms and Suites

Marina Boutique has 8 indidually decorated rooms. All rooms are intellignetly designed and immaculatey finished to ensure space, privacy and comfort for the guests. All rooms have hot and cold water, flat screen TV, king or Twin size beds, and private bathrooms. The rooms showcase contemporary interiors enhanced with harmonized natural materials.

Room Types:

Grand Suite with Pool (1 Suite)

53 M2 (570 FT2) / 1 KING BED / 2 PERSONS

Deluxe Suite (1 Suite)

32 M2 (344 FT2) / 1 KING BED / 2+ PERSONS

Deluxe Standard Room (4 Rooms)

28 M2 (302 FT2) / 2 TWIN BEDS / 2 PERSONS

Marina Master Suite (1 Suite)

160M2 (1722 FT2) / 4 ROOMS / 8+ PERSONS

Penthouse Suite (1 Suite)

177 M2 (1905 FT2) / 4 ROOMS / 8+ PERSONS

Vacation Home (1 Suite)

421 M2 (4531 FT2) / 8 ROOMS / 16+ PERSONS


The restaurent is located on the top floor with an open area and an indoor idea. Our restauent features buffet and ala carte, depending on the number of guests in house. Our menu is inspired Asian cusine, offeres a varietly of freshly caught fish, seasonal fruits and vegetables and are carefully prepared by our chefs from Maldives.

Opening Hours:

Breakfast : 06:30 – 09:00

Lunch : 12:00 – 14:00

Dinner : 19:00 – 21:00

Signature Dining Experiences 

• Roof top private dinners,

• Sunset dinners

• Cooking classes

• Dinners by the Club Pool

• Private berbeques on the beach,

• Afternoon tea

• Maldivian special dinners

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